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Why HDR Will Grab Your Clients’ Attention
Joel Silver, president and founder of the Imaging Science Foundation, emphasizes that wide color gamut technologies will help all types of businesses.
Bright Futures Ahead for Cellphone Booster Manufacturers
Manufacturers state the FCC’s spectrum auction won’t impact the continued reliance upon their products that enhance cellular network signals.
How AV Innovation Is Artfully Adding to Museum Attractions
Portable planetariums, pro-sumer products and social media help museums earn bigger bang for fewer bucks
Everything You Need to Know About Immersive Audio
Spurred by new ‘3D’ audio formats, AV integrators will soon find clients and applications that seek sound all around.
Who’s Who in Commercial Integration Solutions?
Our annual guide to the manufacturers and service providers that cater to commercial integration firms.
CI Premium: Meet the 2016 Industry Leaders
CI recognizes top integrators serving 11 key vertical markets and gleans advice as to how these industry leaders stay at the forefront of their fields.
There’s More to Reliable Racks than Meets the Eye
Assembling a rack system requires attention to detail in order to maximize equipment performance and reliability.
CI Premium: What Does That UL Code Mean?
If you want to know you're installing compliant products and providing the best safety and reliability for your clients, you need to know these product certifications.
Generating Revenue Through Digital Signage
Sports venues provide nice examples of how AV is helping to transform every inch of them into revenue machines.
CI Premium: Meet the 2015 CI Industry Leaders
CI recognizes top integrators serving 11 key vertical markets and gleans advice on how they stay at the forefront of their fields.
CI Premium: 11 Key Considerations For Your Next Company Vehicle
Central locking system, organized shelving, fuel efficiency and a 'mobile workshop' should be among your top priorities when it comes to purchasing and outfitting work vehicles.
CI Premium: How To Properly Plan for Business Succession
There’s not always a child to become the next leader of your company. How you pass the baton — and to whom it’s passed — can determine the success of the business for generations.

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Genesis Acquisition of Edcom Tells Tale of Two Companies

That Edmonton-based Genesis Integration now has most of Ontario covered with London, Ontario-based Edcom Multimedia acquired is only half the story. $40 million Genesis Integration scoops up assets of $6.5 million Edcom Multimedia, demonstrating one firm poised for growth in a market that is spitting out those that are not.

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