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Inside Sensory Technologies’ Secrets to Mid-Market Success
Sensory Technologies’ unique growth strategy is made possible by its industry-atypical command of managed services, KPIs and top-down management.

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Yorktel’s Cisco Certifications Bolster Its Already-Dominant Managed Services
Yorktel has achieved Cisco Cloud and Managed Services Advanced Certification, and designation for TelePresence as a service (TPaaS) Specialization.

Inside Sensory Technologies’ Secrets to Mid-Market Success
Sensory Technologies’ unique growth strategy is made possible by its industry-atypical command of managed services, KPIs and top-down management.

IoT, Managed Services and System Security Represent Opportunities for Integrators
With more devices connected every day, integrators need to make themselves the main solutions provider for their clients from security to managed services.

The Invaluable Resource AV Integrators Will Want to Get Their Hands On
When working with clients' networks, AV integrators should be establishing and managing a complete network tracking sheet, an invaluable resource that acts as a roadmap, roster and ecosystem.

IT Leaders Gather at White House to Address Talent Gap
Carousel Industries' Tim Hebert among TechHire program members talking about widening net of candidates, increased minority and focus on cybersecurity.

AV Pros: These Are the Best Practices for Securing IP Devices
According to Mark L. Peterson of Shen Milsom & Wilke LLC, in order for AV to blend with IT safely and securely, it's imporant AV professionals understand their clients' management access issues and network access issues.

Verrex Opens New Hong Kong Office, Strengthens Global Presence
Playing an important role in Verrex's continued expansion in Asia Pacific, Hong Kong helps the company meet higher expectations for video conferencing, collaboration and other advanced audio visual systems by technology adopters in the region.

CCS California Founder Cuts Ties with CCS Presentation Systems
After 20 years, David Riberi leaves CCS Presentation Systems to ‘reintroduce’ LightWerks, with plans to expand across Pacific Northwest and to the Carolinas. CCS Presentation Systems is left for now with no California partner.

Winter Is Coming: How AV/IT Convergence Is Really Just a Game of Thrones
AV/IT convergence, according to Joe Pham of QSC, bears a striking resemblance to the Game of Thrones storyline: Too much 'noise', not a lot of clarity on the vision of the industry… and everyone wants to be king!

3 Ways the Industry Can Improve in 2017
Better network training, stronger system security and increased tradeshow attendance can help industry professionals gain the knowledge they need to make 2017 a great year for business.

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Winter Is Coming: AV/IT Convergence Is Just a Game of Thrones
3 Ways the Industry Can Improve in 2017
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Afraid of Heights? Christie’s Panoramic Projection of Los Angeles Has You Covered
James Madison University Students Get Real-World Media Experience with Hitachi Cameras
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Great article, Tom!
Sensory is a great company with smart leaders!

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This is all relevant here and now the industry is changing and either be in the know or left behind. Transformation…

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Phil, you are making an important position. 

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